REST API version 1

General Topics

Introduction to the API, its concepts and technology.
A step-by-step guide to access your data using the API.
What you need to access your data, and how to prevent others from doing the same.
Types, Formats and Conventions
Data types and formats commonly used in requests, responses and parameters.
Receive events from Coredination in near-realtime.


Operative information

Job /job
Jobs, resources, workflow states
Order /order
Orders, job specifications, workflow states
Route /route
Routes, resources, workflow states.
Unofficial Route planning and optimization
Work Report /workreport
Work Reports (time sheets)
Invoice /invoice
Invoices. Read-only access.

Directory information

Customer /customer
Customers and projects
Article /article
Articles (products)
Asset /asset
Assets and asset types
User /user
User accounts
Forms /form
Unofficial Custom forms
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